As an unlimited wash club member you understand that your card will automatically charge each month until your membership is cancelled or terminated. no prior notification of such charges will be provided unless the date or amount changes by more than 10%, in which case Nappa Car Wash will provide at least 30 days’ notice prior to payment being collected Cancellations must be received at least seven (7) days prior to the next billing date; otherwise you may be charged for that month and the cancellation will not be effective until the following billing date. No refunds or credits will be given for partial periods. To cancel your membership visit your local Nappa car wash location. The membership is per vehicle. Taxis, limos, app based transportation services (including but not limited to Uber and Lyft) and other professional transportation vehicles are prohibited; Nappa Car Wash may terminate a membership upon violation of these terms and conditions. The membership cannot be combined with other offers, discounts, prepaid washes or gift cards. Membership is transferrable upon purchase of a new vehicle and notice to Nappa Car Wash. A new RFID tag will need to be purchased ($5.00) as they are not usable if they are removed from your windshield. Nappa Car Wash reserves the right to close stores due to inclement weather, holidays, maintenance and store upgrades. RFID Tags are applied to the front windshield and must be placed by a Nappa Car Wash Employee. Tampering with RFID tags will result in cancellation of your membership Nappa Car Wash reserves the right to modify or cancel this program and memberships at any time. Valid only at 2918 Washington Road and 2911 75th St., Kenosha Wiscnonse.

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